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Ian Prince



My kind of comment! LOL

Added this to the T web site expanding the concept:

A Word processor adds a framework to the small process of writing a letter. It starts you out with a template suitable for the process at hand - letter, report, whatever - and lets you tweak the layout then allowing you to preview and lastly print it out. The Word processor handles all the nitty-gritty stuff like formatting for the printer and lets you focus on the actual task at hand, to create content.

Thingamy the Work processor adds a framework to the whole process of delivering a value, it be a service or a product. It starts out with a template closely suitable to your business process - project, legal advice, advertising, whatever - and lets you tweak the process. It automatically takes over the nitty-gritty stuff like creating reports and updates and delivers all information and task instructions to the right person in the right sequence so you can focus on the actual mission at hand, to deliver a value.

Nigel James

Great way to describe Thingamy.


If you can make your presentations fit that label, then it's a great elevator pitch.


Ooh, but of course, at it with rolled up sleeves... :)

Trying out prezi.com BTW, really like it, fits my brain, non-linear big-picture-to-small-picture way of presenting.

Mike Jones

+1 from me too. Clicked straight away.

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