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Jacob Ukelson

Here at ActionBase we had our "aha" moment quite a few years back, and we exclusively focus on supporting unstructured, ad-hoc, human processes (I know - it is quite a mouthful:)

Another epiphany we had is that email and documents are the way most people execute those processes - so we focused on extending those paradigms (currently for Microsoft Outlook and Office) to allow for real time overview, full audit trail of the process, reporting, historical process data stored in a DB - and put the users in charge of how the process unfolds. You can find out more about us at www.actionbase.com and our blog at blog.actionbase.com


Hi Jacob,

yep, like your stuff, sensible and practical approach that.

Myself think we need to go some steps further to avoid becoming "middleware 2.0" and being stuck in the current complexity. This by building upon core process engine and not vice versa.

The datamodel is crucial - sticking with documents, forms and double-entry book keeping based transactions complicates any model tremendously over reality. And that is not possible unless the core is the process engine and data architecture.

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