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alan W.

Hey Sig, I am a big fan:

Thanks for the dip into Norwegian poetry and literature, we could all use more poetic approaches to enterprise solutions.It's an Anglo centric world, from the POV of promotion of the cannon on poetry, and I love the feeling of 'rich austerity' that Northern European culture, writers, and other artists have contributed. I can't get enough in my native 'merican.

In regards to large OEMs missing the boat, I am really, really trying to get our component API onto the radar of some of the BIGCO's, and the biggest problem is that......they will do fine no matter what technology they license of channelize.

My problem is that the constituency that needs my solution
the most and has the most to gain, are starting in the SAAS B2B world.

Traction, free cash, time to integrate cool tech in a busy time, when there is no time for anything.


Alan, thanks for kind words!

Yep, poetry can evoke feelings - and sometime remind us that work comes with some baggage too.

In literature, poetry is the direct opposite to "X steps to..." type of manuals. Poetry does not offer practical solutions, only trying to bare the truth. Good that. Leaves us free to actually do the stuff ourselves, free of all BS ;)

Alan Wilensky

if one is unable to portray a technical solution in poetry, maybe the solution is not so poetic?


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