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Account Deleted

New build for that one, Sig? How tricky was it to integrate?


New build underway, although shifting most (but ultrageeks like yourself ;)) to pilots running on my server.

Pretty easy to start up: ESME server is standalone, easy to get going (a couple of things to do specific for Thingamy) then you can leave it alone as it's multitenant for any number of Thingamy instances!

Thingamy admin sets the rest for each instance: Enable/disable ESME integration, setting app name and token.

I'll give you a short manual with the new builds ;)

Account Deleted

nice ... bated breath etc :)

Dennis Moore

Sig -

Good thoughts.

I was not proposing 12Sprints for BRPs. I was proposing 12Sprints for VRPs (VERY repeatable processes). Even very boring, repeatable processes like invoice approval, hiring, and manufacturing scheduling - the very heart and soul of repeatable processes - sometimes need a little conversation for effective execution. I can't tell you how many invoices I've approved for payment with insufficient information, just because it was too hard to dig in and see whether the invoice was within the project's scoped budget, or whether we were getting real value for the money we were spending. I'm thinking of something like 12Sprints NOT to solve every E2.0 problem, but just to solve the problem of adding some social goodness onto VRPs.

BTW, even BRPs need data to make informed decisions, so ESME and 12Sprints and others will need to integrate with frameworks like BOBJ if they want to enable BRPs like "annual budgeting" or "raises and bonuses" or "S&OP."

I hope this clarifies ... and thanks for taking this discussion forward!

John Dodds

I think the more such demos you can produce the better.

Two suggestions - initially, make them shorter if possible (2-3 minutes) i.e. break this example into two. And get closer in on the screen so the viewer can better see what is happening.


John, good advice!

Agree totally, will move from amateur to professional asap, albeit time consuming, in such matters I'm the classic noob :-D

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