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If there is one thing we should learn from UI design in games, it is that the users always want to change it. No matter how you create it, they want something different.

"They" is not accurate, since the group is pretty diverse, but the point is that there is not one UI design that fits all. Take a look at http://www.wowinterface.com/ and you will see that there is a huge community that creates new interfaces, new functionality and new ways of doing things.

But there is also a huge difference in the way players interact with their game and how traditional users interact with their applications. The gamers are interested in getting the most out of the game, including spending a lot of time tweaking and tuning interface elements. The traditional worker on the other hand is more interested in applications that supports him in his work. In other words, the real difference is the users attitude, not the application interface. :)

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