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Alexander Ainslie (@AAinslie)

Thought provoking.

Reading 2. a) & b) in the context of 'P' leads me to think that there is valuable use in your thinking and proposed new process paradigm in the defense/homeland security spheres. Perhaps this channel could be a source of solid, scalable and bankable revenue for Thingamy.

Disclaimer: the above comments should be filtered for relativity and validity through 2.5 glasses of very good Medoc, preferable consumed on a Friday evening in Paris - as I have.



absolutely, the combination is a must - in my view a more direct model of reality and hence a gain for any user of any kind.

Using semantics (subject, predicator, object) to add "knowledge" precisely as Plato defined it adds reporting depth and object navigation that should please the users you mentioned.

And the fluid filtering mechanism you use, can only be supported heartily, one of the sensible habits of "old Europe" that adds to the whole ;)

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