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Nick Carter

I disagree with your statement as there many solutions built for the purpose of strategy such as: Google Plus,BatchBook,Salesforce,Microsoft Dynamics, and Netsuite. It just depends on your business and how do you intend to go about your strategy.


Nick, not quite sure what you mean by "purpose of strategy".

A strategy is "what value are you to deliver, to what customers, and how are you going to be different".

And yes, all business software (seems you listed all types there) is part of the operations which is a result of the strategy, but they are built to do an operation.

In fact that would pour cement over an existing strategy, and not in any way help to find a strategy or make a strategy better. Quite to the contrary, counter-strategic would be a better term I'd venture, or disposable if a new strategy says so. Strategic changes could easily make some processes disappear, while other appear - and so it goes with the software you mentioned above.

Take an example - CRM which I understand you're close to: If a new strategy moved the company to use pull, viral, community support and other non company active methods the CRM could pretty much be moot. Hence the suggestion that current Bus/Ent SW are non-strategic, merely operational.

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