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As Simon Wardley describes (he uses three phases, but they can be made to fit :) … and he uses an “agriculture” metaphor as well): http://blog.gardeviance.org/2012/08/self-disruption-and-super-linear.html - you need the commoditisation to allow for new advances built on top of what was commoditised. From all of this, it seems to me to be the time to exercise our cognitive surplus and figure out better things to do :)


Good call Ric, I like his analysis...

Quite, nothing happens before we have to - commoditised or put differently; when the delta gain from previous effort flattens out, especially if we do what is normal, having increased our consumption to "eat" up the gains :)

James Karis

Hi Ric

Agree absolutely with your comment that ‘the marginal gains, have been exhausted’. Personally I think that they were exhaust 10 years ago. As a simple example, what has really changed between Microsoft Office 2003 to the most current version? Sure the new version looks slicker, but from a functionality perspective, most of our team could continue today with the antiquated version at virtually no loss of productivity.

That’s why software need good marketing to survive.

All the best


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