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Dr Bruce Graham

This is an issue not just for healthcare but also for education. The emphasis has been on fiscal considerations in the development & implementation of IT options (PowerPoints, Interactive videoconferencing, etc) but less on the resultant outcomes such as student knowledge and skils (competency). The "average' student/graduate has poor written communication and mathematical skills, yet we continue to assess outcomes in terms of student enjoyment or tolerance of the delivery mode.


Bruce, you're quite right of course.

Even if I chose to use some examples from healthcare the same issue applies to all work, especially of the Barely Repeatable Process type which applies to all services, health, education and government.

In short, the decline affects the economies as a whole, and the budgets, results and bottom lines specifically.

john dodds

Spot on, but one word of warning. The advertising industry, amongst others, has an abundance of effectiveness awards - their common factor is to claim causation where only correlation exists.


John, yep you're right there, but think they use the term "effectiveness" differently - measuring the effect of a campaign and all that.
That's not about process and value creation flow effectiveness as such...

john dodds

Yes. Their creation flow is one that creates a direct flow from their advertisement to the rise in sales, rise in share price or rise in whatever else they can find while not considering any other changes that night have contributed.

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