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I could not agree more. Thingamy was ahead of its time "x" years ago, and arguably still is.

Old mental models and the decisions about software and processes that those models foster die slow and hard.


Thanks Jon!

Yep, old habits an "truths" die hard, or rather, most forget to challenge the assumptions they make every morning - like "we need org hierarchies", "we need management" and many more.

The thing is, last few months there has been a susceptible shift in the market, bad economy, stagnant markets, hard to innovate - seems to have pushed many orgs towards new thinking. No more blue collar productivity to shake out, no more financial engineering gains, no more outsourcing or efficient procuring gains to be found and they're left with "white collar productivity".

So now I hear more an more "we need workflow support!", "we want to get rid of management layers!" (even "we don't want managers at all"), "we want our org to be self organising!". This for small, medium and even large organisations like ABB and BBC!

I'm very happy with that as it's precisely what Thingamy can deliver, we were only like ten years early :) , but then we're well prepared by now! :D

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